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Operating balance.

We provide flexible and patient capital, functional specialists, hands-on operational support, and executive training. As experienced operators, we know the balancing act between solving today’s issues and driving future growth.

Lean implementation is our strategy. A culture of continuous improvement underpins all that we do. Lean principles are neither proprietary nor complicated – the challenge lies in implementation. When done right, the rewards can be profound.


Talus Values


All stakeholders must be united in direction and row with incentive toward a common goal. Each stakeholder is responsible for pulling an oar to propel common interests to success and growth.


Try Fast, Fail Fast. Address the hard things today and make decisions with available information. To reimagine an organization requires decisiveness and directional clarity.

Build your bench

The strength of your bench speaks to your success as a leader. Human capital is the only asset that appreciates with time.


A business is a collection of people and processes aimed at providing value to a customer. Invest in your team, simplify the process, and compete on quality, cost, and on-time delivery.


Don’t take shortcuts. Prioritize long-term success. Do the right thing. Take direct and rapid responsibility for adverse outcomes and find some others around you to credit with positive outcomes. This is the only way to create trust.

"Good management doesn’t correlate to raw intelligence. It requires a combination of IQ, EQ, good judgment, and wisdom. Wisdom comes from the accumulation of experience. It requires time."

John B. Fitzgibbons


About John B. Fitzgibbons
Founder and Chairman of Talus, John has robust credentials in industrial manufacturing and energy fields in global business settings. His financial expertise supports building companies from the ground up offering guidance and capital. The heartbeat of the Fitzgibbons family office is a passion and mission to create a process of identifying and actively mentoring a growing generation of business leaders.