We are industry leaders in lean implementation. We back entrepreneurs looking to buy, build, and operate businesses that have substantial growth potential and infuse the philosophies and strategies that John Fitzgibbons has successfully implemented for over three decades. Talus has created dozens of companies in energy services, industrial manufacturing, business services, real estate, and investment management.


Market Observations

An increasing number of small business owners are approaching retirement age. Concerns over succession plans are pushing more owners to look to exit via a sale.

The traditional investment fund model cannot participate at such a small scale, and therefore the supply of businesses coming to market is outpacing demand.

There is an abundance of funded sponsors looking for middle-market businesses to buy.

Conditions are ideal for consolidators with:
1. Access to flexible & patient capital
2. Operational experience
3. M&A experience

Our Capabilities.

Lean Implementation

Implementation of lean principles, training, and operational analysis

Human Resources

Payroll, benefits, and employee performance management


Website development, content creation, and marketing materials

Corporate Development

Mergers & acquisitions, capital markets, and investor relations


Transaction, contract, litigation, and corporate development support

Strategy & Governance

Strategic planning and routine financial reviews

Tax & Accounting

Audit, treasury, banking, tax services, financing planning, and analysis


Systems implementation, administration, and troubleshooting support


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